hands down

Ever wondered how the song would’ve sounded if it was sang by a girl?


3 Small Words

Here’s a cover of Josie & The Pussycats’ 3 Small Words. Apologies for the crappy video quality Personnel: Jen (vocals), Chuck (guitar), Ten (bass), Mark (drums)

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Ten 02 again

Here’s another batch on interesting pics from another gig that we had @ Ten 02. Photos by Sataporn Thongma

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Photos from our first gig

Photos by AC Dimatatac

Check out the photos from our first gig courtesy of AC Dimatatac.

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Please watch this gig!


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Hello there ladies and germs!

We’ve just finished creating our myspace page and as you can see below, we only have a few friends.

We’re wondering if maybe perhaps you can help us out by adding us as a friend if you have your own myspace account. 😉

myspaceOur myspace url is www.myspace.com/edegenerate